SpamWeeder Premium

Looking for a basic reliable email filtering service?  Your search is over.

Affordable Protection

Protect your mail server, block over 99% of spam, viruses, and malware, PLUS receive up to four days of automatic email failover storage for as little as 5 cents per user

Reliable Protection With Automatic Failover

Easy to configure and works with most email services. Use it as a standalone email protection system or combine it with your existing solution for an added layer of protection.

SpamWeeder Premium Features


Hide your mail server from public view and make it a more difficult target for spammers and bots.


Block over 99% of spam, viruses, malware, and other malicious email-borne attacks.


No need to worry about mail server maintenance, malfunctions, or internet outages. All clean incoming messages are automatically stored for up to 4 days.


Add your company's domain name and logo to the web-based interface and end-users' daily Spam Reports to bolster employee confidence.

If you're an ISP or IT Services provider, SpamWeeder Premium the MX records and login URLs with your company's domain name to bolster client confidence.

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More Options

Want to provide SpamWeeder Premium to multiple clients? Do you need more flexibility and granularity?
Check out the Reseller Program for Email Services and other enterprise email services by clicking on the images below:

White Label Email Services for Resellers

Choose from SpamWeeder Premium, Email Continuity, MX Failover, and StrataMail Secure Email Hosting. Bundle any of these services to provide an email protection and disaster recovery suite branded with your company.

Vipre Email Security

Multi-layered filtering provides comprehensive spam and virus protection. Vipre's real power lies in its customizable content and attachment filtering, giving you advanced control over your email policies.

Proofpoint Essentials

SMEs are targeted with the same attacks as larger organizations. Proofpoint Essentials means you don't have to skimp on security - even with a small business budget. Essentials is a proven and reliable solution for email security and disaster recovery.